Paris in Color at Shakespeare & Company

Most of you know I studied English Literature in college. Six lovely years with my nose in books. Many books. And like many English majors, I romanticized (ah, heck, still do) Paris’ cafe and literary culture in the 20s. Shakespeare & Company is ground zero in that literary fantasy, despite its changes since.

So you can imagine my delight when Ryan Fox and Kristi Roberts posted a photo on Facebook of it at Shakespeare & Company.  Paris in Color next to Salinger, Shakespeare and Neruda? I know it’s silly, but I wanted to jump out of my skin.

Thank you Ryan and Kristi!


    • Strange. My last comment linked me up with the wrong blog. Oh yeah, and apparently I can’t spell ‘there”. Anyway, I still love your blog and your book. Thanks for being so inspiring.

  • I zipped over there yesterday and they were all sold out. Do not fret. I asked at the desk and they said they had a lot and they all sold very quickly. “Seems we can’t order them fast enough,” she said. The next order is due to arrive shortly. Super exciting!

  • Many congratulations to you. I am also an English major whose favorite period in Am Lit is 1920s Paris ex pats. What a thrill to see your book in such a storied (forgive the pun) place.

  • Oh yes, of course you do! what a gorgeous book, totally worthy of such a place, how amazing it must feel to see it there! I am eagerly awaitng my copy in the post. Lovely work.

  • Ah, Nichole, how thrilling! I am so, so happy for you. I’m sure all those authors are proud to have you next to them, too. Such a particularly appropriate validation of your work. (I hope Shakespeare & Co have it back in stock when I am there in a few weeks – I’ll be sure to check.)

  • Bravo- that’s so wonderful! If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend ‘Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shakespeare & Co’ by Jeremy Mercer. It’s a wonderful memoir that fondly recalls founder George Whitman and the way he provided a spiritual ground and physical roof for so many wandering artists and dreamers over the years.

  • Your book and Shakespeare&Co are a match made in heaven. I’m sorry I am not there to browse your book dreamily in this lovely bookshop.

  • Dear Nichole, congratulations! Having your book sold out in Shakespeare&Co is like winning a special Oscar. Overwhelming joy.
    Your vision is so inspirational.

    I also spent six lovely years with my nose in books getting a degree in theatre and drama history and I specialized in French . I remember the sheer excitement when the Bibliography volume of the World Encyclopedia of Contemporary Theatre i compiled was published.

    You’re very talented and your success is so well deserved.
    I wish you could have a signing book event in Sh&Co at the end of July when I’m planning to spend a week in Paris. I wish my dream come true.

    All the best to you and your creative projects.

  • Congratulations, Nichole! I ordered your book from Amazon while visiting my mother in the States and when I arrived home yesterday morning was delighted to find it waiting for me! It is absolutely gorgeous — I love love it and it totally deserves to be posted on Facebook at Shakespear&Co.!

  • Hello Nichole, I am truly grateful to have found your book. It makes me wants to go back to Paris and explore it’s hidden beauties.. And trust me if i do go back there, I will bring your book and make it as my “Lonely Planet” reference. :D
    Love from a fan of your photographs; and a slowly-but-surely-turning-to-Franchopile. :)

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