Paris Poppies

Parc de Belleville

Creative Thursday's Paris Poppies

I could write ten paragraphs about why I’m so happy to have finally met Marisa of Creative Thursday two weeks ago, but I’ll get right to the point: She rocks.

We met, shared some wine and cheese, and talked about blogging, art, freelancing and of course moving to foreign countries (she and her man Sean were three weeks into their stay in Paris). We also talked about her recent paintings and how she was enjoying reviving her love of impressionism.

I told her that I had taken a photo of a poppy field in Parc de Belleville earlier in the day that she had to see. What’s funny, is when I saw the field, it reminded me of something that would inspire an impressionist painter (what is it about poppies?).

As soon as I downloaded the photo, I sent it to Marisa, and the above is the result. The top photo is the image I took, and the painting is Marisa’s (hot off the easel!).

Isn’t it lovely?

I’ve genuinely enjoyed this unexpected collaboration, and I’m excited to see what Marisa does next.

Check out the painting in Marisa’s etsy shop.
Visit Marisa’s blog.


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