I Have Measured Out My Life With Coffee Spoons

T.S. Eliot Coffee Spoons

While sipping my afternoon coffee today, I had the unsettling realization that I have ingested thousands of cups of coffee. I took it easy in college, but when I put the artist’s life on hold and had a stint in corporate America (oh, I did my time!), coffee became my twice-a-day escape. Just like Starbucks’ marketing team had planned it.

It didn’t take very long for coffee to become a weekend necessity as well, and with a few unpleasant exceptions, I’ve had about two cups a day ever since. That was 10 years ago, so let’s do the math:

1994-2003 (college, grad school): 100 cups per year X 9 years = 900 cups
2004-2013 (corporate workday, parenting, new business owner): 2 cups per day X 365 days X 10 years = 7,300 cups.

Grand total (est.) = 8,200 cups

To visualize the the obscene amounts of stimulating liquid that have coursed through my caffeine-addled brain, I drew 8,200 spoons.

So what’s your total?

- Evan


  • My mother started me out when I was 5 (yes, kindergarten) with my very own cup and saucer which I’m sure was filled with more milk than coffee. I am now 33 and also drink about 2 cups a day. Sometimes more! It all depends on the size mug I choose that morning. And probably just as much hot tea.

  • wow.
    that’s a lotta spoons.

    my total would be in tea bags & tea leaves.
    and at my current rate, it’s about 6 tea bags per day : )

    would you ever consider a print of that sort?

  • I average two cups of coffee every workday, and anywhere from 2 – 6 cups a day on Saturday and Sunday. Wow! That’s a lot of spoons! I keep telling myself that I’m warding off Alzheimer’s Disease. ;)

  • This is so awesome! I absolutely love this!

    I didn’t start drinking coffee until my third year of university (although I was a tea-aholic before then), but I quickly became addicted to it. It sure helped with those early morning classes and late nights writing papers!

  • Oh, wow! I haven’t drank nearly as much but I also have yet to be a parent :) or be in corporate America, for that matter. I was probably at my worst mid-college or during grad school finals times when I tend to dip into an at least one-a-day habit. I do love a good cup of coffee. Since I’m in the habit of drinking green tea in the morning though, it usually takes a lot of lack of sleep to make me go for more caffeine otherwise I get jittery.

  • Wow. Just to give it a nice, well averaged number, I would have to say at least 1 cup a day times 43 years =15,695.
    Started at the age of three, same time Sesame Street came on, my mom’s cold cuppa with milk and sugar.
    Now at 47 with a 3 year stint in my 20′s as a coffee jerk, before starbucks left WA, I only drink the stuff on Sundays. As a treat. Decafe only, now for the flavor, more of a coffee snob. No starbucks pass these lips, ever.
    So my spoons will grow less, but more defined.
    This was a cool idea.
    Great poster!

  • I read this after drinking 3 cups of coffee this morning and eating chocolate covered coffee beans after lunch…I just put the coffee beans back in my desk drawer. Perhaps I’m on an overload.

  • I temper my concern about coffee with the rotating door of studies that alternately tout the dangers and the benefits of coffee. I wonder what the latest is… :)

  • I don’t want to know. I prefer to live in a state of blissful delusion or ignorance and justify my caffeine consumption with the thought that it’s good for me.

  • mmmm…I’m 50 so the the math thing…numbers too large to even think about past right NOW. I saw this when I was perusing your shop the other day and I did not realize (for whatever reason) the background was spoons. I love it!

  • I don’t drink coffee, but my husband and my mother-in-law do. My husband has cut down quite a bit, but my mother-in-law drinks around 12 cups per day. I don’t know how many spoons that would be. She would love this print. Is it available in your shop? I didn’t see it while I was there.

    LC from theworldofellesee

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