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The Paris Journal

This exhilarating fictional diary of a day in Paris combines laugh-out-loud journal entries with over 140 sumptuous photographs. Printed on exquisite matte paper with a textured linen cover, The Paris Journal will be the talk of your book club and highlight of your coffee table.

Co-written by Obvious State co-founders Evan and Nichole Robertson.


"Where did that second waiter sneak off to? There. He has rounded the corner and lit up a cigarette. Rough night. With one foot against the wall he takes a long drag. I wonder what kept him up all night? Insomnia? Tolstoy? No, a break up. That crazy Pauline with her possessiveness and drunk dialing."

An Excerpt:

"The two waiters drag tipsy stacks of cane chairs to the sidewalk. There’s very little street traffic on the island, but on its perimeter, the sound of cars and mopeds steadily builds. Morning has arrived, and everyone moves quickly now..."



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