• I totally had a shopper like that when I lived in Paris – it seemed like the norm and everyone had them.
    Large groceries I had delivered up the 6 flights of stairs ;)
    Love her jacket and boots with the sweater peaking out.

  • Truely very elegant!
    Must admit that I used the trolley a lot when I lived in France. Now, back ‘home’ in the Netherlands, I use it often too, but… I’m the only ‘younger’ (40+) person that uses a trolley :) I don’t mind, it so much better for my back :)
    Must work on the stylish part though!!

  • I love her look. I am usually not a fan of polkadots but I think they make this shopping trolley look whimsical and a bit tongue in cheek. I live in an apartment and my parking space is a distance from the door. I have an old lady cart-the white metal kind and I use it to transport my grocery bags from car to apartment. I’m tall so to pull it around any great distance would actually hurt my back since the handle is too short for me. I’m 45 years young and so over worrying about what I look like.

  • Can’t help disliking it – all my mental associations with those things are negative. Oddly enough, I don’t mind the little old lady cart that Shawna referred to. I also am tall and ended up pulling it behind me at a precarious angle when I used it, but there were many years when that was the only way to get my clothes to the laundromat and back again, and they were seen all over my neighborhood.

  • I live in NY and have one of those, except in colored stripes. I love it! Yes, it’s possibly a bit old lady-esque (I’m 34) but I decided to embrace it as cool, now I wouldn’t be without it – no more red dents here!

  • When I lived in New York (in my 20s and early 30s) I used one. The ugly metal version referenced above. You bought them at the hardware store. During my Brooklyn years, I didn’t even have laundry in the building. It was a necessity. Although, I often ended up shopping on the way home from work and having the dented palms, nonetheless.

    When we moved to L.A. 13 years ago, it came with us and has mostly been used to store sports equipment in the garage, but lately I’ve been thinking of unearthing it for trips to our local farmers’ market. I wish I had a cute polka dot one! I would use it w/o hesitation. And that girl does look wonderful.

    Love your work, VIcki.

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