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I can't remember the name of this sweet little boutique on the Ile St. Louis, but we strolled past it just about everyday. The minimalist white/glass packaging and white walls are accented only with the blue shop front and a few beautiful purple flowers. I never went in, because toddlers and glass bottles don't mix, but the serene atmosphere and simplicity inspired me. Last night as I was working on re-writing a spa menu for a client, I pulled up this photo, and it was just what I needed. After spending all day in the dirt and mud with the boys, I needed something girly. Yep ... this did it.


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Vana

I believe you! This is such a lovely image. I wish you were there to take many more:)

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by "Blog Artists"

Oh…I love those little “lavender soap” boutiques(as my husband calls them)…we went to Provence 4 years ago for a week and my “City” husband would wait outside while I browsed and took in all the beauty…I think he was all perfumed out.The colours are so pretty and girlie…love the photo you found.
Have a good day…it’s snowing here again!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Char

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I wish I could just smell it. lovely

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Katie

gorgeous…I think I’ve strolled by too on my trips to Paris. Thanks for sharing.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by The Clever Pup

The colour of the store front is lovely. My favourite colour.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Cicada Studio

Ile St. Louis is one of my favorite places on Earth.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Wayside Violet

lovely ♥

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Kaylen

Mmm, that’s pretttttty.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Maggie May

The color is divine.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Mrs.French

I could use a dose a something girly everyday around here..the testosterone is often smothering (in a wonderful way of course)…xo t

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