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Paris in Color: Black and White

Pain Quotidian, Paris

Rue de Charonne cafe, Paris

Paris cafe

Paris cafe

Paris cafe

Cafe Le Refuge, Montmartre, Paris

Paris cafe

A custom order for some black and white cafe photos has tipped off a mini obsession.


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by nichole

Lindsey –

I agree. At first, I was not sure I would like them in black and white. But then once we started editing, I changed my mind.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Lindsey

These photos are gorgeous. I'm still partial to the color shots as they capture the beauty and vivacity of Paris but I'd put up any of these on my wall :)

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by katieleigh

I feel like I'm in Paris in the 50s. These are so beautiful. Love the light & shadows on the coffee cups.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Lori

I've always loved black and white photos. Thanks for inspiring me to switch it over every now and then.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Lady Ren

I live goupings of B and W- these are

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Geezees Custom Canvas Art

Amazing photos!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by the Armchair Parisian

When I actually shot real film, I loved to shoot B/W. So much nicer thought to just convert an image to grayscale and tweak on the screen than messing about with all those nasty chemicals… My digital camera has a b/w mode on it that I keep forgetting about…perhaps I should try it.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Marisa and Creative Thursday

Oh so beautiful! Every where I go now I see scenes that remind me of you and your photography. We are here now, just week in and finally beginning to feel less like totally odd outsiders. Hope we might still be able to meet up? when do you return?

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by nichole

Katie – that one is my favorite! It's from the first cafe Evan and I went to on our honeymoon. Sniff.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Rebecca

i love black and white photography! pictures are gorgeous.

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