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Chairs on Rue de Brague

Chairs and Colored Windows, Paris Snapped these orderly chairs right outside the entrance of Place de Vosges. I can't decide if I like the perfect row or those colored windows more.


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by CitricSugar

It's been a while since I've been to Paris but have they passed a law that all chairs must be pretty, perfectly aligned with quaint tables and that most windows should be as random as possible?

Lovely shot!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by ALFIE

it's most definately a toss up :)

both are SO lovely!!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Cathy

I think the combo of color and order does it for me.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by naturally nina

love love love. i would frame this and put it in my bedroom if i could :)

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by the Armchair Parisian

I think they make a lovely combination.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by pkjb

i think its the combination of both that makes this pic fabulous! ck :)x

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by raya manna

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Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by The French Easel

Great photo! It's got both a vintage and a contemporary feel to it. Wish I could sit myself down and order a café au lait!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by and flowers pick themselves

the windows are SO lovely.

hope you're having an equally lovely day :)

xo Alison

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by colorchic

I think it's the colored windows that set the chairs off perfectly! Nice photo!

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