Nobody Bakes a Cake As Tasty As a TastyKake

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Nobody Bakes a Cake As Tasty As a TastyKake

I used to hum that song all the time when I was a kid. Remember it? If you don't or were (gasp!) not yet born, watch this. Ah, the jingle. Remember when companies just advertised what they sold? What's the message in the Tastykake commercial? We sell cakes. They are tasty. They are so tasty, you will burst into smile and song. They weren't selling a lifestyle. They weren't trying to entice you into their cool tribe. They didn't employ a flash mob to parasail into Times Square and form a drum circle. They were selling tasty cake. Speaking of which, I made some last night. So why homemade if nobody bakes a cake as tasty as a Tastykake? Emergency situation. Like, the-kids-were-sleeping-and-you-can't-make-it-to-the-store kinda situation. They're easy, and pretty tasty for faux Tastykakes. PEANUT BUTTER CANDY CAKES 1/3 cup oil 2 cups sugar 4 eggs, beaten 1 cup milk 2 tsp butter, melted 2 tsp baking powder 2 cups flour 12 oz chocolate chips (I used milk chocolate) Peanut butter Grease a large, cookie pan (with sides). Mix first seven ingredients and pour into cookie pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 18 - 20 minutes. Remove cake, spread with a thin layer of peanut butter. Refrigerate. When cool, melt 12 ounces of chocolate chips (or milk chocolate) and spread on top. Chill for a few minutes, and cut into serving sizes before chocolate cools completely.


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Julia

I'm originally from Philadelphia where Tastykakes were pretty much, you know, EVERYWHERE, when I was little. I can't wait to try your homemade version!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by The Sentimental Suitcase

Yay they're here! Finally! Thanks so much Nichole! Can't wait to make them tasty kakes!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by kristina@beancakes ★

oh gosh ~ now i need a piece of cake! i don't believe i've ever heard the jingle, but i like the sounds of it, tastykakes. . . so straightforward and yummy sounding!!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by risamay

Yum. Looks tasty. Sounds tasty.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Vanessa

Like Julia, I'm also originally from Philadelphia. We used to drive by the Tasty Kake factory all the time, and it smells like heaven. Tasty Kake are not to be messed around with in that city.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by hello gorgeous

sounds very scrummy…may just have to try it out! well, it would be rude not to as you have given us the recipe and all! ;o)


hello gorgeous xxx

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Katie Mazur

I'm from Delaware and I have family all over the U.S. I'm forced to bring Tastykakes with me whenever I go to visit!!!

They are delicious!!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by nichole

Julia and Vanessa –

I grew up in Lancaster, Pa, and TastyKakes were a staple!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Tra Wright Knox

I am going to make them! But don't know the song – definitely did not have it in the UK.

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by RebeccaNYC

Also from Philly…and now I will be singing that song all day. I never liked Tastykake…can you believe it? I was really the outsider…

And BTW…you seem to have attracted all sorts of spam with this post! Professional essay writers, digital cameras, electronic gadgets and SPICE! Whew…I'm exhausted.

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