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Fur and Doc Martens on Rue Tiquetonne

Have to admit, I still love Doc Martens.


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by marni

i love them too. whenever i clean my closet i debate parting with the two pairs i own.
the brown pair i’ve had for years, the other is newer… mary jane’s in a red tartan print that i picked up in portland after the sales girl assured me i wasn’t too old to wear them. i still haven’t worked up the nerve to take them out of the box. :) but i love the chunky look on a girly shoe. fun!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by beth lamphier


Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by beth lamphier

Me too….love ur blog!

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by Sandra Busby

Rue Tiquetonne! One of my favorite parts of Paris, near rue Francaise and rue Montorgueil, non?

Jul 19, 2014 • Posted by calyce

For some reason I can’t get this photo out of my mind and I keep coming back to look at it almost daily. I was born in 1970 and Doc Martens were a huge part of my early college years. I wore them everywhere. This woman wears them in the most lovely way. What a perfect photo reminder of something so cool!

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