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Paris Rooftops

Paris Rooftop Photo, Nichole Robertson, Obvious State What makes Paris rooftops vistas so pleasing? Aesthetic regulation? A tightly controlled color palette of creamy whites, yellows, rust browns and grays? Is it the uniformity of design, which under any other circumstance would be boring?


Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Manda

Gah, beautiful.
Reminds me of Peter Pan.

Manda from Eat Cake

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Mei Sim Lim

I have just been to Paris for the first time! It is so breathtaking, love the patterns created in this photograph

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by The Art of Michelle

Wow! Yes to uniformity of design…it soothes me for some reason. :) Plus, I will never get over those workable shutters! It’s just so charming.

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Sally

There’s something so magical about Parisian rooftops… le sigh

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Michele

Oh wow, that is awful. You’re so right, it ruins the charm of it all. Bluck.

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Nichole

Michelle. Such a great point. And I can see why everyone hates the Montparnasse tower so much. It wrecks the charming skyline!

Ugh .. look at it:

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Michele

Yes, most definitely it is all the elements you mentioned, however I think it is also the connectedness of Paris. You look out over the miles of rooftops, lights twinkling inside each window at night, and it connects you and your life to everyone else there. No tall buildings blocking you, or separating you from your neighbour. In a city of over 2 million, it’s an extraordinary accomplishment. And, of course, very romantic.

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by 505whimsygirl/Kay

That’s it — I must put Paris on my bucket list…… I think it’s appealing to MY eyes because
there are so many different angles and textures. Love….


Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Tamara Michelle

This is such a great point, not only are the rooftops beautiful, but the chimney’s on top of them make it so much more interesting to the eye. I think one of my favorite lookouts in Paris is on top of the Pompidou Centre… the height of it is just enough for the eye skim over all of the rooftops and chimeny’s in that area. Beautiful!


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