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Happy Bloomsday

Jame Joyce, Molly Bloom, Ulysses, by Evan Robertson of Obvious State Many of us celebrate father's day, but what about Bloomsday--the day James Joyce fans celebrate Ulysses? My ode to Joyce is above, and was inspired by a portion of Molly Bloom's soliloquy in the book. For anyone who believes that James Joyce wrote Ulysses as an intellectual exercise designed to torture English majors, I appeal to you to re-read the last lines of this incredible story, which in my illustration form the wings of a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. The additional details of the illustration (the body, hindwings and the cocoon below) are formed from the dominant word in the monologue, "yes." "I was a flower of the mountain yes when I put the rose in my hair like the andalusian girls used or shall I wear a red yes and how he kissed me under the moorish wall and I thought well as well him as another and then I asked him with my eyes to ask again yes and then he asked me would I yes to say yes my mountain flower and first I put my arms around him yes and drew him down to me so he could feel my breasts all perfume yes and his heart was going like mad and yes I said yes I will Yes." Want more? Open Culture shared a rare 1924 recording of Joyce reading from the Aeolus episode, here, and a link to a free version of Ulysses. Enjoy! - Evan


Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Maureen

I LOVE this! Many years ago, I lived in Dublin and wrote my Master’s dissertation on Ulysses, specifically on Molly Bloom. I visited the Martello tower, where Joyce lived. And spent Bloomsday following his journey in the book, drinking at the pubs, and listening to actors recite various passages. What great fun! You would enjoy it, I think. I will be purchasing your piece and it will have an honored place in my office. Thanks for always coming up with such creative and interesting pieces.

Jul 20, 2014 • Posted by Marjory

How beautiful! Thrilled to know you are a Joyce lover! You might appreciate what I wrote about Molly Bloom’s soliloquy: http://marjorymejia.com/the-scintillating-power-of-yes/

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