NEW: Blind Date Book #2 (Sept)

$ 15.00
Blind Date Book #2 

September Blind Dates ship the first week of October. 

What is Blind Date with Obvious State? 

It’s a blind date with a book (an Obvious State original and exclusive!), plus 5 thematically related, limited edition Obvious State goods. The total retail value of the Blind Date is $45, but is priced at $15. In other words, dinner and drinks on a coffee and cake budget. Not bad. 

Each month, we release one illustrated classic from our brand new collection. See an example of a past Blind Date package here. 


Sometimes it can be a little overactive 

Or is it just a supernatural imagination? 
Sometimes the best cure for loneliness is a “pet”

If you like classics, and literary surprises, and deals, we’re fairly sure this will be a match made in literary heaven. 

NEW: Blind Date Book #2 (Sept)
$ 15.00

NEW: Blind Date Book #2 (Sept)

NEW: Blind Date Book #2 (Sept)
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