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Kant Tote

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If you "Kant even" think of a great gift for a philosophy student, philosopher or book lover, we present this fun literary tote. And dear Kant: Don’t get us wrong. We love you. We really do. We're willing to plod through dense, convoluted sentences to unpack your ideas, but the buck stops at this 174-word monster from "Critique of Pure Reason." Are there any staunch, enthusiastic philosophers or linguists who want to take a stab at diagramming this doozy (see below). 

All of our literary tote bags are hand printed and hand sewn in a small shop in Brooklyn, NY. The tote bag is constructed with premium 100% cotton canvas and has a convenient pocket because no one likes digging for pens and keys.

• 13” x 15” with 24” handles
• Handmade and printed in Brooklyn, NY
• Premium, heavy 100% natural cotton canvas
• Environmentally friendly, water based inks 
• Black handles, slim gusset

Here' the aforementioned text (warning: not for the faint of heart):

“Just as for the cognition of an object distinct from me I also need an intuition in addition to the thinking of an object in general (in the category), through which I determine that general concepts, so for the cognition of myself I also need an addition to the consciousness, or in addition to that which I think myself, an intuition of the manifold in me, through which I determine this thought; and I exist as an intelligence that is merely conscious of its faculty for combination but which, in regard to the manifold that is to combine, is subject to a limiting condition that it calls inner sense, which can make that combination intuitable only in accordance with temporal relations that lie entirely outside of the concepts of the understanding proper, and that can therefore still cognize itself merely as it appears to itself with regard to an intuition (which is not intellectual and capable of being given through the understanding itself), not as it would cognize itself if its intuitions were intellectual.”