Obvious State, April 29, 2014
By Evan Robertson and Nichole Robertson

Do you know what you would do with one day in Paris?

This anonymous solo traveler does. Accompanied only by her endless enthusiasm and vivid imagination, she surrenders to every whim and lets her love of the city – not a map – guide the way.

She extols the virtues of small ice cream portions, debates public makeout sessions with the King of France, tails a mysterious elderly lady into a church and scarfs cheese. But whether she’s racing a dinner boat or running from flower pimps, one thing is clear: Her heart belongs to Paris.

This exhilarating diary of a day in the City of Light combines 17 journal entries with over 140 color photos that bring the city, its people, and apparently its former kings to life.

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Paris in Color


Chronicle Books, April 2012
By Nichole Robertson

Paris in Color celebrates the city’s intimate details that are often overshadowed by iconic landmarks.  The photographs offer candid glimpses of the thoughtful craftsmanship, pedestrian pleasures and gracefully worn textures that cumulatively capture the unmistakable charm of Paris.

“Nichole Robertson’s sumptuous photographs of the distinctive details of Paris, all arranged by color, evoke a sense of serendipitous discovery. At once a work of art and a window into the heart of the city, Paris in Color will surprise and delight those who love art, design, color, and, of course, Paris! – Chronicle Books 

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