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SAVE 15%: FIRST15 ❕ 3 for 2 PRINTS
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Our artwork is inspired by beautiful language that has stood the test of time, witty insights that strike a chord, poetry that stretches the imagination, and philosophy that prompts deep thinking. Our collection includes art prints, books, and gifts, all of which are made sustainably in the USA.


Aurelius on Quality Thoughts

In Meditations, Aurelius distills the central pillars and tenets of stoic philosophy. Although it was essentially a journal and never intended for a general readership, it has become one of the most widely read philosophical works in the world. 

In our illustration, we drew inspiration from one of Notre Dame's stained glass rose windows, a fractured relic in the shape of a Legionnaire's helmet. Like the stoic's ideal state of mind, stained glass is at once orderly and beautiful. Ideas radiate out from central first principles in a natural and inevitable succession of deductions and balancing forces. At the helmet's edge I added six pictograms, representing the four pillars of stoicism (Courage, Justice, Temperance and Wisdom) as well as two central stoic concepts: Memento Mori ("Remember Mortality"), and Amor Fati ("Love Fate").


The Last Line of "The Great Gatsby"

The final line of The Great Gatsby, the Fitzgerald novel that defined the jazz age. It was the era that ushered in modernity, a time of material excess, liberation, and intoxication. But even in the midst of the party, Fitzgerald could sense the toll such decadence takes on the human soul.

Like so many other Fitzgerald fans, we adore this quotation and its kaleidoscopic meanings. Gatsby, surrounded by unimaginable wealth, prestige and fanfare, dreams only of a future with Daisy that will recreate their past. And yet, his past is what prevents him from attaining that bright future. All pomp and circumstance aside, Gatsby is deeply relatable. Everyone, in their own way, aspires to their own vision of “one fine day.” Everyone is reaching toward the green light. And like Gatsby, we are all eventually borne, against our will, into the past. 


"Absolutely gorgeous. The quality is incredible, the art looks even better in person, and I loved the attention to using recycled materials. Definitely going to buy more because I'm not going to be able to resist filling them up!" - JB

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This order was such a thrill! There were extras included with my first purchase (several high quality postcards and a lovely note). This will not be my last order. I’m thrilled with this purchase!


Another great Shakespeare print from Obvious State and another perfect gift for my daughter who teaches drama and appreciates the power of the arts to elevate the spirit. Thank you!


These are such beautiful postcards and the paper quality is also solid. The only downside is that these are so pretty I am afraid I'll keep them all instead of mailing them. I'll definitely be ordering more postcards.


This business goes above and beyond my expectations and I love receiving my packages from them! They included a gift this time with beautiful postcards including some of my fave authors quotes that I will be framing! Always packaged with care and thoughtfulness, I will continue to order from them often!


The prints look so elegant, it was difficult to choose only three among the selection on the site. We are trying to make our flat look more like home, and these prints add a very nice touch with their original design. 

Chiara Thiel

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