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Doubleday and Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Art Print

Doubleday and Lawrence Ferlinghetti: Art Print

"Endless lively conversations over endless cups of coffee in literary cafés" - Lawrence Ferlinghetti

Created in collaboration with Mr. Ferlinghetti and Doubleday books for the release of his latest work, Little Boy.

Part fiction, part autobiography, this stream-of-consciousness narrative enthralled us, and we were drawn to the romance of this quote in particular. It summons images of coffee-fueled poetry benders in Greenwich Village, beat generation poets, romantic dissidents, reaching into the ether of language for sense-making, lifting up the wall-to-wall carpet of American culture to see where all the dirtiest secrets had been swept.

There's so much extraordinary language in Mr. Ferlinghetti's work but we gravitated to this one, perhaps a bit for the sake of nostalgia, but it also sums up a fundamental lesson he has taught us: that meaning-making is first and foremost a communal act.

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