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Friedrich Nietzsche "Why"

Friedrich Nietzsche "Why"

Friedrich Nietzsche One who has a why illustration by Evan Robertson
From The Twilight of the Idols: Or How to Philosophize with a Hammer (we gleaned this quote from our well-worn copy of The Portable Nietzsche.)

First: How awesome is that title?

Second: We know, the wording of this particular quotation is a bit clunky at first glance. But once you parse its meaning, we think it is perfectly condensed. If it's eluding you, put the word "why" and "how" in quotations in your mind.

Nietzsche's insight - that hardship is not alleviated by reducing the burden of life, but by increasing our conviction to bear it with purpose - strikes a big chord with us.

For the illustration, a constellation is depicted in the shape of a globe. The hand reaching across the star map reveals an Atlas-like figure who willingly bears the weight of the entire structure.

See the print.

Nietzsche Art Print, Obvious State, Illustration

The Portable Nietzsche, Obvious State
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