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Jane Austen "Nothing but Tea"

Jane Austen "Nothing but Tea"

Obvious State Illustration Jane Austen Tea Party

Pray, coffee drinkers, do not trifle with a connoisseur of the finer beverage, lest you find yourself forevermore excluded from respectable society.

In our illustration, we humbly present a woman with tea on her mind - literally. The crown of her hat is composed of an upside-down teacup, the brim a fetching saucer. Five more tea accoutrements complete the drawing, including a string of cups, fashionable tea leaf dress, chandelier steeper ball earrings, stirring spoon sunglasses and a bergamot flower brooch.

Yes, we have a penchant for Earl Grey tea (especially that which uses real bergamot oil and not "natural flavors" but we digress). And no, Earl Grey wasn’t yet a thing in Jane Austen’s day. Neither were Jackie O. sunglasses. But like Earl Grey, they are fabulous nonetheless.

A word of caution: Should you ever be so impertinent as to mention that dreaded black ooze of a beverage that begins with a “c,” we shall report your impropriety to Lady Chamomile at the next meeting of the HBPS - The Hot Beverage Preservation Society. You have been warned. 

See the print.

The quotation is from Mansfield Park, which was published in 1814 - a year after Pride and Prejudice

Jane Austen I would rather have nothing but tea illustration by Obvious State

Art Print by Obvious State Illustration of Jane Austen quotation I would rather have nothing by tea.

Jane Austen Mansfield Park

Our favorite copy of Mansfield Park is from Penguin Classics. 

Would you rather have coffee?

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