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Mountain Goat!

Mountain Goat!

So I had my horns done. What do you think?

Outrageously expensive, but worth it if you want to be the #GOAT of goats. 

This whack-a-doodle insult comes to us courtesy of the Henry V character Pistol, who pistol-whips a French officer simply for being French.

How dare he speak with that damned accent? Wear those luxurious clothes? 

What is it about this French dandy that reminds Pistol of a mountain goat? Was it the outrageous, oversized horns of the French Alpine Ibex, whose population was considerable at the time?

We'd like to think so.

But wait! This is no ordinary mountain goat. It's a damned and luxurious mountain goat. One who has shamelessly out-blinged his plain-horned peers. 

See the print. 

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