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I Like This Place

I Like This Place

Shakespeare I like this place and could willingly spend my time in it Obvious State illustration

What is it about an undersized box that cats find so irresistible? Whatever it is, Celia and Rosalind must have felt the same way when they bought themselves a tiny cottage in the forests of Arden.

Out of context, Celia's line from As You Like It could be used for all manner of location-based comic effect - bedroom? hotel bar? toilette? But we couldn't resist assigning it to a haughty cat who claimed your gift box for a summer cottage, while inadvertently refashioning the tissue paper and ribbon into Elizabethan duds.If you have cats you know what we're talking about.

The intended gift was a copy of the play (and it's still worth the read). But, patient reader, we ask your forgiveness for any stray hairs that make their way into the box. And we must apologize on behalf of feisty felines everywhere - as they most certainly will not. 

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Shakespeare As You Like It Illustration by Obvious State

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