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What, You Egg!

What, You Egg!

Wait, I can explain.

It began when we asked our super-smart-Shakespeare-scholar friend what her favorite quotation was. We promised to illustrate it no matter what. Apparently, she took it as a challenge. Her answer?:  "What, you egg!" [Stabs him]. 

Challenge accepted. 

We could tell you how pivotal this line is to the progression of Macbeth. We could go on about how brilliant all of the bird metaphors are leading up to the moment when Macduff's son is stabbed by Macbeth's super-evil henchmen. We could wax poetic about all the deep symbolism and stuff. But sorry Will, nothing - NOTHING - can undo the accidental comedy of calling someone an egg, and then stabbing them.

For this illustration, we represent Macbeth's domination of Scotland with a crowned medieval helmet placed on top of the country's map. The map is colored with the tartan plaid of clan Macduff.

BUT WAIT! The helmet and map double as a fork and fried egg, making it the perfect decor for your kitchen *and* your war room. 

For more Shakespeare stage direction, see, "Exit, pursued by a bear" and "Enter pirates.

See the print. 

William Shakespeare Macbeth What you egg! Illustration by Obvious State

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