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Save 15%: FIRST 15 || All Prints are 3 for 2.
Save 15%: FIRST 15 || All Prints are 3 for 2.


  • Shakespeare "Unicorns"

    Shakespeare "Unicorns"

    April 1, 2022, Washington DC. In a joint statement, leadership from both major parties announced that they will put aside their differences and pursue an ambitious new goal: to improve conditions for the public.  “The time has come to put...

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  • Mountain Goat!

    Mountain Goat!

    So I had my horns done. What do you think? Outrageously expensive, but worth it if you want to be the #GOAT of goats.  This whack-a-doodle insult comes to us courtesy of the Henry V character Pistol, who pistol-whips a...

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  • Small Beer: A Felony.

    Small Beer: A Felony.

    If you want to enjoy yourself, you’ve got to go big or go home! Seriously, it’s the law now. Although little is known of the historical figure Jack Cade, Shakespeare had fun bringing him to life in the Henry VI...

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  • Most Absurd!

    Most Absurd!

    Over the past few months, we've made the first six illustrations in a new series, MOST ABSURD. Shakespeare wrote many a sublime line, but our focus for this project is on the ludicrous stage directions, cheeky insults, and laugh-out-loud observations...

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  • Witty Fools and Foolish Wits

    Witty Fools and Foolish Wits

    Many years ago, I had the opportunity to be in three productions of Twelfth Night, playing Orsino, Feste and Malvolio. Feste was by far the most challenging. With the love-sick Duke Orsino and the puritanical party-pooper Malvolio, motives are clear...

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  • Hell is Empty

    Hell is Empty

      This line kicks off the second scene of The Tempest. Stunned by the fury of Prospero’s supernatural storm, a horrified Ferdinand leaps into the sea while shouting this zinger (delivered via the spirit Ariel).  We know he meant "devils" literally. But we...

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  • What, You Egg!

    What, You Egg!

    Wait, I can explain. It began when we asked our super-smart-Shakespeare-scholar friend what her favorite quotation was. We promised to illustrate it no matter what. Apparently, she took it as a challenge. Her answer?:  "What, you egg!" [Stabs him].  Challenge accepted.  We could...

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  • Enter Pirates

    Enter Pirates

    "Enter pirates." - Shakespeare Huh? Why, of everything the Bard wrote would we pick this absurd stage direction to illustrate? Because it was there, my friend. Because it was there. Like our other favorite stage direction ("Exit, pursued by a bear"),...

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  • I Like This Place

    I Like This Place

    What is it about an undersized box that cats find so irresistible? Whatever it is, Celia and Rosalind must have felt the same way when they bought themselves a tiny cottage in the forests of Arden. Out of context, Celia's...

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  • Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde

      Wilde is reported to have dropped this zinger upon arrival in the New York Customs House in January of 1882. According to the apocryphal story, the customs yank was not amused.  We love this quotation because it captures so much about Wilde...

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  • Khalil Gibran

    Khalil Gibran

      Khalil Gibran's The Prophet is one of the best selling and most translated books of all time. In addition to its positive attitude toward humanity, there is a subtle provocation to reconnect with nature, directly and deeply. We responded to the quote’s personification...

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