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  • Dostoevsky on Self Deception
    May 10, 2023 Evan Robertson

    Dostoevsky on Self Deception

    "Above all, don't lie to yourself." - Fyodor Dostoevsky This passage from The Brothers Karamazov is so awesome, we included the entire excerpt in our design to provide context for Dostoevsky's stunning insight into personal responsibility, clarity, and the dangers of self-deception. While...

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  • Marcus Aurelius on Your Thoughts
    February 22, 2023 Evan Robertson

    Marcus Aurelius on Your Thoughts

    In Meditations, Aurelius distills the central pillars and tenets of stoic philosophy. Although it was essentially a journal and never intended for a general readership, it has become one of the most widely read philosophy works in the world.  In...

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  • ON LOVE: Collected Works and Poems
    January 31, 2023 Evan Robertson

    ON LOVE: Collected Works and Poems

    An elegant, illustrated book of poetry, excerpts, and musings on the noblest human emotion: love. From Viktor Frankl's insight that "love is the ultimate and highest goal to which man can aspire" to Rilke's humble desire "with only this one dream: you...

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