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Franz Kafka

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"Working in silence, the machine became invisible." - Franz Kafka

A gentleman strides forth on a treadmill of ones and zeros, oblivious to the invisible super-structure which he powers, and which powers him. Sometimes, in those rare moments of reflection that jostle his perception sideways, he catches a glimpse of it in the corner of his eye - perhaps he catches the eye of another person on another cog as they co-whirl. But the stream flows on and he quickens his step to catch up.

A warning against mindless obeisance to the quiet, external forces in life - social, political, economic - this design also serves as a gentle reminder to investigate the internal habits and routines that can hold one back. Quotation from Kafka’s short story “In the Penal Colony."

• 11x14 inch art print with white border
• Heavy, premium 270 gsm archival paper
• Matte, slightly textured finish
Original artwork by Obvious State, not endorsed by or affiliated with the attributed author. All applicable rights reserved.