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Mina Loy

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"The Future is only dark from outside - Leap into it, and it explodes with Light." - Mina Loy

From her manifesto Aphorisms on Futurism, first published in Camera Work issue 45 in January of 1914. Loy was a fierce progressivist both politically and creatively. She was associated with all the major art movements of the early twentieth century, and had a brief affair with both Futurism and its leader Filippo Marinetti. 

In this design, we wanted to create something aggressively vibrant, giving it a sense of movement as you read the words. 

A copy of the original published poem, now preserved in Yale's Beinecke Library can be seen here.

• 11x14 inch art print with white border
• Heavy, premium 270 gsm archival paper
• Matte, slightly textured finish

Original artwork by Obvious State, not endorsed by or affiliated with the attributed author. All applicable rights reserved.