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"Co-authors Evan and Nichole Robertson pull back those fine French gossamer curtains to give us a rare treat: a full day's meandering through a single neighborhood. This sans-itinerary virtual escape captures the essential spirit of City of Light as no guidebook can."


"The digitally created illustrations are, by turns, witty and elegant."


"These Posters Make The Perfect Literary Christmas Present."


"The prints are filled with visual puns and insider nudges that will have the word nerds among you punning with delight."


“Inspired by the artist’s favorite streets in Paris, these chic prints offer a unique twist on the typical travel poster.”


"Her journeys through city streets, metros and rustic bakeries was matched with her keen eye for bright color schemes. With a camera in hand, she picked up on some of the best of the city's rainbow palette."


"The brilliant minds at Obvious State just made us fall in love with Paris all over again."


"The rather smart Evan Robertson has created a set of posters that combine iconic author quotes with genius design work. If you don't want at least two of these hanging on your wall then we need to have a serious chat."


"Capture the je ne sais quoi of the City of Lights with this set of nine eye-popping prints. They're perfect arranged over the couch, in the kitchen, or even behind the bed instead of a bed frame."


"Not only will you want to stop what you're doing and enjoy each crystal clear photo in The Paris Journal, you'll be momentarily whisked away to Paris with the incredibly hypnotizing videos."


"...starkly designed and deftly capture the spirit of the writer's message in a few words.


"A feast of color-coordinated vignettes."