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She: A Visual Ode to Visionary Women


On February 5th, we pressed the launch button on one of our most exciting projects to date:  SHE--a boxed set of 100 literary art postcards.  

To our surprise and delight, many of our fans and customers immediately backed and shared the project, and in just under 24 hours, our Kickstarter campaign was fully funded! We are beyond grateful, and excited to bring this beautiful collection to life, all thanks to your help. 

Early funding means we can use premium, print quality paper and the fine materials we know will make this collection special. To keep the set affordable, we needed a large run, which is now possible! 

We’re currently working on the additional 26 women writers needed to complete the collection and can't wait to unveil them as part of our Project 52 series.  

There are still a few days left to be a part of the first print run and get in on the great rewards! 

Back the campaign now!