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Exciting news! We’ve been working with the awesome folks at Threadless to launch a line of Obvious State tees. This is a beta launch which includes twelve brand new designs! And not only will you be the first to see them, we want your feedback and suggestions on what you like and what kind of new designs you’d like to see. 

You want t-shirts. We want to make t-shirts. But the math on our current 175 designs gets ridiculous fast. Hang with us: Just one design across just 2 shirt styles (unisex and women’s), times 9 sizes (xs - 5xl), times 4 color options, times having at least 4 of any variant in stock means that having a line of just 6-12 equals a thousand pricey t-shirts.

And of course, some designs and sizes are more popular than others, so either we have to moonlight as clairvoyants to guess right, or we run out of stock in one design/size/color and have hundreds of unsold t-shirts which impedes our ability to invest in new designs. 

Enter Threadless. We’ve purchased t-shirts from Threadless for years and love the quality. There are tons of tees to choose from in every size, they’re always in stock, and the print quality is fantastic! But best of all, we can finally offer unlimited designs in a dizzying amount of options. With your feedback and suggestions, the sky is (almost!) the limit. 

Now to the best part: To kick things off, we are finally launching a collection we’ve been tinkering with for a few years: Book titles! We’ve launched with 11 of our favorites and can’t wait to hear about (and make) your suggestions. Each design is intentionally minimalist to keep the focus on the title, but with a little Obvious State visual twist.

You can see all of the designs in our Threadless shop.