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The Paris Journal

This exhilarating visual diary of a day in the City of Light combines 17 fictional journal entries with over 140 sumptuous photos that bring the city, its people, and (apparently) its former kings to life.

The Paris Journal was a labor of love and an ode to our favorite city and second home. – Nichole and Evan Robertson

"I look for the stairs but am distracted by the long, orderly line of silver lamps. Each post rises and curves like a spent lily, drooping down into three glowing orbs. Together, they flood the cavernous white-tiled arch of the ceiling with a light so endlessly reflected it feels sourceless.”

"The cheesemonger grins. He knows. He knows I'm a sad, twisted cheese junky. I stand absolutely still to hide my desire, but if I had a tail it would be wagging. Then I spot a perfect pyramide cendrée perched on a stack of crottins. The King of the Hill and his little soldiers, too. Oh, your majesty..."

"We are sun worshippers, water gazers, ushers of night on the crest of something at once routine and extraordinary. In this moment, anything can happen. Yet we are content to do nothing. Together we enjoy the last warmth of the day, and the first drink of the night."

"The brilliant minds at Obvious State just made us fall in love with Paris all over again." - Elle Magazine