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Herman Melville

"I would prefer not to." - Herman Melville

Bartleby is a mystery, one that has fascinated readers and literary critics alike. Is he a Christ figure? A symbol of existential alienation? A critic of capitalism? A big middle finger to Wall Street?

Whichever it is, I bet he would have preferred not to sign the user agreement if you know what I mean. Cookies? I would prefer not to. Browser history? Recommended videos? Content moderation? I would prefer not to. Webcams? Cashier-less grocery stores? Routine retinal scans? I would prefer not to. Big data? Digital currency? AI-powered servants and soldiers? Smart cities? Quantum surveillance? Space colonies? Um, do I really have to say it? Honestly, it’s enough to make you lose your appetite.

The illustration is structured around the data points used in a bio-metric facial recognition scan. Each point contains an icon representing some technological double-edged sword, both terrifying and marvelous. They are linked together by clickbait, uploading to a data cloud managed by our big-tech protectorate.

• 11x14 inch art print with white border
• Premium, fine art paper made in New York 
• Elegant eggshell finish
• Ships in a a rigid, flat mailer. No need to unroll! 
• Fits into standard 11x14 frames (or a 16x20 frame matted to 11x14) 

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$ 28.00

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