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Rainer Maria Rilke

"But every touch draws us together, as a violin's bow that from two strings draws one voice." - Rainer Maria Rilke
"How can I pluck my soul apart? 
How could it break away from you? 
Oh, for some remote place, 
Still and quiet, unmoved 
By your resounding depths. 
But every touch 
Draws us together, 
As a violin’s bow 
That from two strings 
Draws one voice. 
Across what instrument 
Are we strained? 
And by what eager hand 
Are we played? 
O sweetest song!” -  Rainer Maria Rilke, "Love Song.”

It would be easy to write off Rilke’s Love Song” as a sappy nod to fate. But here he cleverly  portrays love as a powerful force that draws two people together, whether they desire it or not. Love is inevitable. The question is: Who (or what) is that unseen hand? 

In our illustration, two complex shapes made from the thinnest of repeating lines are made to vibrate in harmony.

• 11x14 inch art print with white border 
• Premium, fine art paper made in New York 
• Elegant eggshell finish
• Ships in a a rigid, flat mailer. No need to unroll! 
• Fits into standard 11x14 frames (or a 16x20 frame matted to 11x14) 


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