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On Love

On Love

F Scott Fitzgerald Illustration Obvious State

Happy February! We're not the roses and chocolate types, but there's something about February that instigates reflection on that noblest of human emotions: Love. Here's a roundup of our more romantic work. 

For the romantic idealist.

Do you dare with a sexy metaphor

Simple and direct.

Yours is the music for no instrument. 

The lucky ones connect.

First love, foolish love.  

After midnight.

Who (or what) is that unseen hand

This is arguably one of the most beautiful sentences in literature. 

Romance, 11th century style. 

Hope in the face of loss. 

His and mine are the same

This side of paradise

Why do we complicate things?

Without saying a word... 

Happiness or ruin? 

An undeniable passion and yearning for harmony, beauty and spiritual ascendance.

And the moon breaks the heart of the ocean.

Yes I said yes I will Yes.

I can write the saddest verse tonight. 

Fate is strong, but love is stronger. 

A metaphor for the allure and danger of loving another person.  

And now - unwittingly you've made me dream of violets

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Pablo Neruda, Cherry Trees  Illustration, Obvious State









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